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Via Linota - "Operator"

Justin Anderson became involved with “Never Forgotten” through the project's engineer, Darrell Lehman. In 2010, Justin, performing as Via Linota, was working with Darrell as they co-produced Via Linota's debut album World Gone Crazy at Tone Grown Studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

“Darrell contacted me this summer about writing a song for the project,” he said. “I spent time with a few different song ideas and ended up with what I now call "Operator. “The first push for the writing of the song came from involvement in the 911 project. However, on a songwriting level, I gathered my inspiration from the numbers in the musical scale 9-1-1 upon which I then began to build the rest of the song.”

Justin finds it astonishing to think it's been ten years since 9/11 occurred.

“It's kind of strange to think that it has been a decade since that day,” he said. “I, like everyone else, still remember where I was when I first found out and the time that followed.”

He has also noticed a lot of uneasy changes since then.

“On a simple level, our access to airports as citizens has been restricted. Being a frequent traveler, not being allowed to see people off or meet them at the gate is a real loss,” he said. “The events also changed the way we perceive our vulnerability in this world.”

According to Justin, there's hardly a person you meet who wasn't affected by 9/11.

“It really was this time where everyone stopped, most of us feeling a sense of hopelessness. Even if you didn't know someone personally who was in the towers, at the pentagon, or on flight 93, we all felt and still feel the effects of that day,” he said. “I want people to listen to my song and feel a real sense of hope as they reflect on who we are and what has changed. May we embrace the grace we can experience as we continue to heal individually and as a nation.”