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Flickering Candle
Never Forgotten

This site serves as the digital candle for all our lost Heroes. You are Never Forgotten!!! Thank you for visiting the foremost place on the web to buy great music that is for our soldiers, about our soldiers and to help us understand and relate to our soldiers. The price of being a HERO is so high.

Please say a prayer for those lost 11 years ago on 9-11-2001 and for their loved one's who are still mourning. Please keep them in your hearts and remember them.

As Lucas sings in "We Will Never Forget" (first song on Volume 2) "You really haven't left us yet, because we will never forget". And as Lyle describes the torment that some go through in "Lost Soldier", he challenges us to reach out to those (HEROES) that have gone to war and have given everything and remain in their invisible internal battles. Connect with each one. They need it so desperately because they stood their ground and fought for every single one of us; they wore the coat of "WAR".

They stood in our place. We haven't earned our freedom; we haven't paid for it. They have paid the entire price. Some paid more than others but they paid it. We must honor, respect and love them for their sacrifices.

Enjoy the music our HEROES have inspired in us. And take every opportunity to thank a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, Coast Guardsman and National Guardsman.