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Benefitting: This Able Veteran

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Kelly Z - "I'll Go"

Brian Crabb met the members of Kelly's Lot when he ran sound for them for a couple of concerts in Southern California. As he put the project together, he thought the band's music might be an appropriate addition and contacted them.

Like other contributors for the project, Kelly was also prepared with a song.

“I already had written this song but had not finished recording it,” Kelly said. “After his call, we got right in the studio and put the finishing touches on it and sent it over to Brian.”

Kelly experienced how people support veterans at a personal level and wrote “I'll Go” in the perspective of a soldier.

“I have had countless conversations with many men and women in the military and felt those feelings should be expressed in a song,” she said. “My uncle lived with us before and after he went to Vietnam and that is where my compassion for our folks in the military began.”

Kelly believes it's a shame that some of our veterans never experienced appreciation from the civilian population.

“I know things have changed since Vietnam but the pain still remains and I can only hope that we do not cause more pain for our soldiers before and after war,” she said. “I wanted to write this song to thank them for what they do.”

While Kelly didn't know anyone personally who was directly affected by the events of 9/11, she is empathetic about it.

“I really feel that you didn't have to know anyone to feel the loss that day,” she said. “It was one of the moments in history that change all of our lives. It made me very much aware of the terror that many countries live with everyday. And that we are not immune.”

Service members are at the heart of this effort according to Kelly.

“I wrote this song to get folks to appreciate the men and women in uniform. To understand their sacrifice,” she said. “To see them as themselves, fragile and human and ready to fight for their country. I feel honored to be a part of this project. Like most people I appreciate the power and the meaning of this moment in history.”