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Jackie Gray - "When You Talk To My Heart With Your Letters"

An act of providence brought Jackie Gray and Brian Crabb together for work on Brian's CD project.

It was about divine appointments, Jackie said.

Jackie's song “When You Talk To My Heart With Your Letters” tells an important story about a military family at home. The song promotes the importance letters play in their connection to and relationship with their husband and father who is serving in the military and is unable to be at home with them.

“I feel that the song puts across not only the sacrifice made by families left behind while their family member serves our country, but also how important it is to them when that family member communicates with them through their letters,” she said. “I feel proud to be a part of this important project.”

Jackie's participation in the CD project has allowed her to give thanks to the military members who serve, especially as people remember the tragic events of 9/11.

“As we all look back at the horrific events that shook our nation ten years ago,” she said. “I feel it is more important than ever to encourage and thank those who give so much to keep us free, both from fear and from oppression. This includes not only those who fight for that freedom, but also their family members who sacrifice the presence of their loved one.”

Jackie not only performed her own song for the project, she harmonized with other artists as well.

“One of my favorite things about singing is harmonization,” she said. “I was excited to not only add harmonies to “Talk to My Heart,” but also to “Fight Back” by Brad Russell. I think the importance of families is also communicated through the song and enjoyed the storytelling brought to it by the girl and young man that added vocals in the second and third verses. Thank you for what you both added to the song!”

Jackie is also grateful to the military.

“Thank you, from the bottom of my heart,” she said.