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Brad Russell - "Fight Back"

Brad Russell was already prepared with a song for Brian Crabb when the producer approached him about the “Never Forgotten” project.

“I was talking with Brian last winter and he told he was thinking about putting together a project honoring the victims of 9/11,” Brad said. “I thought it was a great idea and told him that I already had a song that spoke about the pain of 9/11.”

Brad had re-written the lyrics on the second verse, right after 9/11 occurred, he said.

“The original version of the song was written in around 1995 in my backyard, one beautiful summer day. All of the rest of lyrics are the same as originally written,” he said. “All these years later, I played it for Brian and here we are.”

The seeds of “Fight Back” were borne out of Brad's belief that there are people within our government who do not have the best interests of the citizens in mind as they go about the business of politics.

““Fight Back” is about guarding against all of this nonsense and letting the words of these charlatans fall on deaf ears, preventing these people from ever even making it into to office, as well as forcing the ones who have made it into office, out of office,” he said. “It's also about being careful of who we let into this country. 9/11 is a clear example of why we cannot just let our guard down and be some big mecca for all derelicts to come and perform their evil.”

The song is also about prevention and action ahead of time and not about reacting, Brad said.

“I've always felt that airport security was lax and now they have taken it too far and are using their power to steal people's belongings,” he said. “With a little less TV and more awareness, I believe that the horrific events of 9-11 could have been avoided.”The day's events a decade ago affected Brad greatly.

“I was very disturbed and horrified and thought 'How could this be happening in the land of the free and home of the brave?'” he said.

Even before the events of 9/11 reared their heads, Brad's song “Fight Back” brought tears to the eyes of the listeners, he said.

“I thought 'If I can take a song like this and apply it to the emotions of 9/11, maybe people will really listen and we can all do something to prevent horrific assaults like those of 9/11'”, he said.

As Brad sings the song in its current form, he wishes to prevent dictatorship and control of the American people.

“I for one, do not want to be controlled or manipulated and will stop at nothing to enforce that this remain a free country. “Fight Back” is about ALL of the above,” he said. “It's a song of heartfelt empathy as well as sympathy for anyone who has suffered from the events of 9/11 and is performed and sang out of love for the American people and those who have real values and integrity; who also have similar feelings.”

In the end, Brad expressed respect for the project.

“It feels great and I am glad to be a part of it. I commend Brain and everyone involved for bringing this to fruition!” he said. “I just want to thank all of the people who played on or contributed to “Fight Back” for your utter brilliance on this song. THANK YOU, Brain Crabb, Tom Hall, Dave Austin, Robert Hornack, Craig Russell, Jim Hoke, Jackie Gray, Darrell Lehman and ANYONE else who made this song what it is for this project!”