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About Wayd Battle

Wayd Battle is a self taught, accomplished musician, singer and song writer. His unique trademark of playing the guitar left handed and upside down is a true testament to his authentic talent. When Wayd was a small boy the only access to a musical instrument was his fathers right handed guitar. With Wayd being left handed it just came natural to play the guitar upside down. The ability to sing and write lyrics comes just as naturally for Wayd.

At an early age Wayd began playing in clubs and by the age of 14 was playing in venues across Alabama and Mississippi. Then he meet Dennis Scott, a Memphis business man, club owner, and record publisher. After meeting Mr. Scott, Wayd's career started to escalate. He soon found himself entertaining in every reputable (some not-so-reputable) place in Memphis. He has opened shows for George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Wayd Hayes and Confederate Railroad.

Currently you can find Wayd entertaining audiences across Memphis at least five nights a week. If he is not playing in Memphis, he is busy in Nashville and abroad promoting his self-titled debut album. The album Wayd Battle is made up mostly of originals, and is set to be released in early Spring.