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About Scott DeCarlo Six

When you say “21st century rock”, what comes to mind? A scatter-gun of styles, lyrics, beats, genres, vocals and the varied instrumental appeal streams your consciousness.
How do you know when a new artist emerges? Is it the track you hear continually posted on Top 40, or the Country charts? How about the indie artist who pioneers the new alt- rock territories? There is no clear answer but when you hear a song that has you walking away singing, you know, the magic is there. The Scott DeCarlo Six are 21st century rock - reasonably reminiscent, yet they are completely original and strikingly haunting.

The Scott DeCarlo Six, led by their namesake lead vocalist and songwriter, Scott DeCarlo, all hail from New Jersey. The band features: Dave Crum/guitar, Jason Krebs/ keyboards, Bobby Fuchs/bass, Chris Tsageneas/drums and Paul Del Coral/rhythm guitar and without a doubt, they are pioneers in “21st century rock”. You could say SD Six are “Americana” as you can get, but in a “New Jersey kind of way”.

The band has just released a definitive hybrid indie album, recorded in Nashville and helmed by producers Biff Watson and Eric Legg. Entitled “A Whole New Kind Of Crazy” and now on iTunes, the LP is composed of original songs penned by Scott and a few co-writers, including producer Biff Watson and songwriter Clint Bullard.

Search awholenewkindofcrazy.com or sdsix.spinshop.com for further album information.

“A Whole New Kind Of Crazy” song-by-song, delves into love lost, love found, the working man, artist identity, belief, live performance and the unity of sound only a band can deliver. Springsteen tapped into those anthems with the E Street Band, Tom Petty with The Heartbreakers, and Donald Fagen with Steely Dan. The “band unity” also gave birth to Country artists like Vince Gill, Garth Brooks and Willie Nelson. All of these artists left their impression on the Scott DeCarlo Six. Those impressions are subliminal and rooted and they are assuredly echoed throughout the album, track for track.

“A Whole New Kind Of Crazy” was formally introduced, both live and digitally, on the 4th of July, which is more than appropriate. For Scott and the band, their current mission is perform their songs live and give it that band edge. During the recording of the album, Scott gathered in some of Nashville’s best studio session musicians including: Biff Watson/acoustic guitar, Scott Williamson/drums and percussion, Jimmy Lee Sloas/bass, Kelly Back/electric guitars, Adam Schoenfeld/electric guitars and Mike Rojas/keyboards. Using Nashville musicians was an economic decision originally.

Now that it is mastered and debuted, the album and its songs are in the hands of SD Six to carry it on.

The Scott DeCarlo Six remained back in New Jersey and with the tracks were finished, which took months, the band reclaimed their position and also maintained their day-jobs. Traveling to and from Nashville (for all) was not an option. When you are a music teacher, lawyer, landscape consultant, or in Scott’s case, a 15 year police Sargent, you wear two “employed hats”.
DeCarlo explained, “I love Nashville but Jersey is our home base. Nashville is the last bastion left where the music still rules the recording. I trusted Biff and Eric and instead of trying and fly entire band back and forth between New Jersey and Nashville, using their vacation time, I opted to have the Nashville musicians Biff suggested. I didn’t know how it would work out but when the album was done, SD Six triumphantly took control.

The Nashville musicians understood my logistical dilemma and they have since played coach to SD Six. That kind of band union, spirit and camaraderie made the transition a flawless one. I challenge anyone who listens to “A Whole New Kind Of Crazy” to find the seams where recorded Nashville ends and “live performance New Jersey” takes over. We were able to blend the two and the end result is an edgy Americana sound cemented into 21st century rock.”

“A Whole New Kind Of Crazy” consists of original songs like: “I Like, I Love, I Hate You”, “Who I Really Am”, “Somebody”, “Black Eye Wondering”, “Believe”, “Shout Out Loud”, “Little Devil”, “I Closed The Book”, “Built This Floor” and the title cut, “A Whole New Kind Of Crazy”. It was a gamble to do only original songs but Scott and band did not want to get caught up in cover tunes. When you hear the album, you will experience “A Whole New Kind Of Crazy”. Then, go see the Scott DeCarlo Six live here in New Jersey at:

Oct. 21
Bitter End
New York City

Dec. 4th
Dec. 22nd

Starland Ballroom
Sayreville, NJ (Thunder 106)
Mexicali Live
Teaneck, NJ
Benefit for St. Lucy’s
6th Annual Toy and Clothing Fund Drive

“A Whole New Kind of Crazy” LP is available for downloads and sampling via: http://sdsix.spinshop.com/

PS: Please note, the annual St. Lucy’s Toy and Clothing Fund Drive will take place the (now) entire month of December with a “special show -Scott DeCarlo Six & Friends – December 22nd.